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 Fake EK|.Ezio

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Fake EK|.Ezio Empty
PostSubject: Fake EK|.Ezio   Fake EK|.Ezio Clock910Mon Nov 16, 2015 10:46 am

HACKER Name:Sorpion he change name to EK|.Ezio


HACKER Server played:a99#SND

HACKER Kind Of Hack :aimbots

HACKER Proves (Video):Fake EK|.Ezio Paudol6987a

Fake EK|.Ezio Udoalp6987b

Hello Guys today i play on a99# SND server and i see scorpion rename to EK|.Ezio and use aimboter so i take ss from console for proof be aware from this hacker.i am not hacker if anyone dout on me here is my demo link EK|.Ezio Demo

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PostSubject: Re: Fake EK|.Ezio   Fake EK|.Ezio Clock910Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:12 pm

I was also there, mio pb him so others admins if they saw him should pb him aswell

Fake EK|.Ezio VRXtIx4
Fake EK|.Ezio TeAaTB0
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Fake EK|.Ezio
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