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 Making a Tournament? Read this.

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Making a Tournament? Read this. Empty
PostSubject: Making a Tournament? Read this.   Making a Tournament? Read this. Clock910Wed Jul 12, 2017 11:30 am

If you are going to make a tournament and you want from us to support it as much as we can, then there is something you should need to follow in order from us to Approve it.

- Firstly you should use for your tournament MOSS Anti-Cheat. You must have some experience in using it and also checking other players .zip archive file in order to detect any suspicious things you may find.
- Record a DEMO should also be priority for the tournament. You need to have experience in detecting if someone cheated.
- The five most unique perks that should be disallowed are:
        Grenade Launcher (GL)
        Juggernaut (JUGG)
        Last Stand (LS)
        Martyrdom (MARTY)
  for other perks or weapons you can choose whatever you want to disallow if you want.
- Bugs and Glitches should NOT be permitted for any user to take advantage of map bugs (for example elevators, outside the boundaries of the map, under the map and so forth) or glitches during a match. Moving or seeing through or over a physical object is NOT permitted.
   Silent drops are permitted.
   Bounce to places which can be reached without the use of a bounce are allowed.
- Illegal Scripts & Binds should be disallowed that makes player have advantage over another player. You can use these two config checker tools to detect anything that's illegal in your config:
        VEXED Config Checker Tool - only for illegal BINDS/SCRIPTS (ignore DVARS/CVARS) *Info: Select all in your config then just move/drag it with mouse to the black field and press scan (copy/paste is NOT working).
        CFGFACTORY Config Checker Tool - only for illegal DVARS/CVARS (ignore BINDS/SCRIPTS)
- For registration in tournament the most important thing to include are MOSS ID's to know the players identity and be sure who he is.
- And the final thing to say is to make players, admins and yourself stick to the rules you created in order to make it successfully.

If you are interested you can check these Tournament Rules and use it for your tournament if you want.
If you followed the requirements above, we will Approve you Tournament and support it.
Don't hesitate to contact us for any information or questions you have, we will gladly help you out with organizing it.

If you post anything else non related to this or post something useless, topic will be locked and moved to Garbage and you will get warned.
Spamming on your topic will get you warned, if you continue your topic will be locked and moved to Garbage and you will have no rights to make New Topic again.

Making a Tournament? Read this. VRXtIx4
Making a Tournament? Read this. TeAaTB0
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Making a Tournament? Read this.
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