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 Report players here.

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Report players here. Empty
PostSubject: Report players here.   Report players here. Clock910Wed Jul 12, 2017 4:43 pm

If we want to make this community as clean as possible from cheaters to prevent them from joining any tournament that's been organizing and warning leaders of clan about it, then help us make that.
We are working hard and carefully for every accused player, means we do not tolerate anyone, even myself.
Every proof will be checked multiple times before judging the player to be sure the decision that will be made.
Every accused player have the rights to defend himself.
If the decision has not be made, the topic will stay active as long as it's decided meaning there could be more discussion about it.
All players that approves to be cheating will be put in Blacklist and they won't be removed from there.

If you found any player cheating, you need to have a proof that approves it.
Taking a screenshot of something should be visible and understandable that will be used as evidence.
Making a video of cheater should be with in-game sound (NO other background sounds), normal video game speed (NO slow or fast motion), HD quality, with more kills and rounds explaining every situation unless it's an obvious one.
You can report player for:
     - Any kind of hack (Wallhack, Aimbot, Roccat Aim Assist, No Recoil, etc.)
     - Illegal Scripts & Binds (you can use these two config checker tools to detect anything that's illegal: VEXED Config Checker Tool and CFGFACTORY Config Checker Tool)
     - CVAR/DVAR
     - Illegal Files
     - Corrupted MOSS .zip archive
     - Missing DEMO
     - Any Third Party Programmes that makes player guilty.
     - Fullbright (only forbidden in clan war and tournament matches)
     - Overrun limit of fov and fov_scale (only forbidden in clan war and tournament matches)
     - Unofficial cod4x 1.8 patch (making black screenshots and missing files)

How to Report
To report a player please use the form below and include every information you have.
Make for each reported player New Topic so it won't shuffle.

In-Game Nickname:
Forum Profile: (if he is registered)
GameRanger ID:
Type of cheat:
Information: (Be as detailed as you can be and include all stuffs you think will help)

If you post anything else non related to this or post something useless, topic will be locked and moved to Garbage and you will get warned.
Spamming on your topic will get you warned, if you continue your topic will be locked and moved to Garbage and you will have no rights to make New Topic again.

Report players here. VRXtIx4
Report players here. TeAaTB0
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Report players here.
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