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Gamemunity is a Call of Duty 4 GameRanger Community where all the clans are United and can be found.
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PostSubject: Startup User   Startup User Clock910Thu Jul 13, 2017 7:20 pm

Start your journey!

Hey there, we are glad you came here in Gamemunity to visit us and make it great for community.
We will give you some basic info to know something for start.

If you are first time here the first thing you can do is register on our site.
Startup User ZiUXDy6

Fill out everything that's marked with "*".
Provide your real GameRanger ID and MOSS ID's so we can have you on our list. If you do not provide it, faking it or anything else, you will have limited access in forum which you won't be able to join, read or reply on some of topics for example you won't have access on Blacklist.
If you don't have GameRanger or MOSS Anti-Cheat you can go to Download page and install them.

To find GameRanger ID, right click on your Nickname => Show Info. The Account represents your ID.
Startup User TnSML9DStartup User ZnGkmTQ

MOSS Anti-Cheat
To find MOSS ID's, go to your MOSS Folder => open any .zip archive file => open text document "logfile" and at the start of the text, in the 10th line you can find Sign ID1: (numbers) ID2: (numbers).
Startup User Yc6Hf25S

If you need any help with MOSS Anti-Cheat, go to MOSS Support topic.


If you are registered user and you didn't provide your GameRanger ID or MOSS ID's please go to this TOPIC.
If you need any other other help inside or outside of the forum, you can alway ask in this Help forum section.

Since you are new, introduce yourself HERE so we can know you better.  Smile
Thank you for being with us! Enjoy exploring, discussing and other great things.  cheers

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