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 Status - Version 4,5,4,0

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Status - Version 4,5,4,0 Empty
PostSubject: Status - Version 4,5,4,0   Status - Version 4,5,4,0 Clock910Wed Jan 31, 2018 12:00 am

Status about MOSS in 4,5,4,0 version

There has been reports from few players getting MOSS to crash at the end. Currently it's not yet fixed but developer will fix it. For all of those who have any kind of issue with MOSS please contact me so we can see what's the problem so i can inform developer about it so he can fix it easily.

For all players who are playing in this tournament ->
Please be sure that your MOSS is working before any match. If you have any problem be sure to quickly contact the the owner and me so we can work on it.

I will update you all for any changes.

Status - Version 4,5,4,0 VRXtIx4
Status - Version 4,5,4,0 TeAaTB0
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Status - Version 4,5,4,0
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